About us

Yakko Corporation

Yakko is a digital software company. We are a digital media consultant focusing on implementing technologies and traveling software for the purpose of digitizing businesses.; Our slogan is “Total TravelTeach Partner” We provide a full ranges service of travel software and technology to meet the needs of partners who run a travel business.

Our company is located in Phuket province, where is the world's top tourist attraction. Many entrepreneurs provide both marine and ground travel services using old traditional management. It still does not have a software system to help control or manage. It leads to dismissed booking problems, redundant work processes, corruption, and higher hiring costs.

We considered those obstacles and invented software to maintain the provision of tourism business services. To organize managements systematically and allow everything to be checked to raise potential and improve standard tour management software. We additionally focus on protecting digital data. The system will encrypt all data and store it in the cloud.

"We believe that the software we create will reach the market needs and be a tool to run your organization up to date with state-of-the-art technology to change the legacy working model."

We are a

“ Total TravelTech Partner ”

Besides quality tour management software, we also present additional services connected to our system for full advancement.