Frequently asked questions

1. Can I get a free demo?

Indeed, we are delighted that you are interested in trying out a software system. We have a particular service to illustrate how to use it with a video demonstration and an introductory guide to explain the necessary operations quickly.

2. Is the software difficult to use?

No, our software is designed to be easy to use and focus on speed and real-time check for information. Plus, there is a support team available to guide.

3. Is it expensive?

No, the Yakko platform is not exorbitant costs. We aim to reduce the cost of hiring excessive staff for your organization – in other words, it reduces costs and increases profit. The selling price relies on the function that the customer needs. Prices start at 45,000 THB.

4. Can the software be modified?

Yes, it can be modified. We understand that the processes and requirements of each organization are diverse. Our software is invented to be customized according to the demands of each organization (Customizable Platform). Therefore, there is no need to worry about customizing the uses to suit your business best.

5. What if I want to inquire about a problem?

We have a customer support to help you with problems and solutions about common usage problems. Technical support departments provide software-related services. Therefore, you can be assured that you will receive complete solutions and services from our team. Either it is a hotline or via our Line Official.

6. What if I forgot how to use it?

Besides training at a place, Yakko also has a YouTube channel that shows you how to practice each function. You can observe extensive times as needed. It can also be connected via an online system for our team to illustrate how to use it.