Yakko Travel Platform

Yakko Travel Platform

Yakko.Travel Platform is a service management system to tourism and accommodation entrepreneurs used to manage online bookings for hotels, tour company and agency.

We offer the software that implements sales channels, accommodation, tour programs, and products linked between your website's pages and Yakko Platform. Our platform presents an online accounting system that accurately correlates the income-expense and ledger accounts and reduces your business expenses.

  • We use technology to solve difficulties, errors handling, and boost efficiency in online booking management.
  • Convenient, safe, moderate commissions for enhancing the convenience of entrepreneurs.

Old Model


The Disadvantages of old model

  • Overuse of employees.
  • Can’t audit account.
  • It takes a long time to confirm booking between the sales representative and the tour operator.
  • Unable to check available seats and online prices.

The Advantages using the travel platform

  • Able to set prices and available seats in real time update.
  • View the number of customers for each day, including income and outstanding balance.
  • Reduce a mistake from booking, including number of employees.
  • Customers have received the confirmed booking instantly.

New Model


Main Functions


Price From 250,000 THB